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  1. More likely to put uk over the foul limit. Like most on the Iowa teams of late, his offense is only out performed by his lack of defense. The wildcats are looking for shooters as much as IU is, but Cal's best teams were strong on defense. Frederick does nothing to make them better defensively.
  2. As long as they play one defenses at a high level it should be a vast improvement from what we've seen over the past several years. If they can play multiple defenses, even better. Having some bigger, more physical and athletic guards should help no matter what D they play. It's going to be interesting because everything I've read about the offense says it is not easy to learn. So learning a new offense and a new defense means CMW and his staff have their work cut out for them. It's entirely possible things will be ugly early.
  3. Early on I appreciated Archie's no nonsense approach and the fact he did not need to be in front of a mic or camera every chance he got, unlike Tom Crean. It seemed he was a better fit for IU basketball. Over the course of time it was clear he did not have the personality to lead the program. IU may not be what it once was but the fans have a certain expectation of what a head coach is and should be as the face of the program. It appeared Archie could not measure up (not a short joke) and was unwilling to change. I recall very few times where he was smiling or joking and that's probably his pe
  4. Now that the dust has settled I'm feeling a little bit of a let down. It was nice having positive news breaking for IU virtually every day or two. You start to expect something good is about to be announced. I still think it's possible the roster could change but for now it's nice to see IU set with coaches and players while other programs are still scrambling. What I hope to hear in the coming weeks... * Possibly add another big who fits the system for next season, even though it means someone would have to leave * Announce changes to future non-conference scheduling with
  5. Cal is feeling the heat and needed a couple scapegoats and a big gesture to appease the fans. Their fans are clamoring for Antigua because they believe him to be the answer to their troubles. He's talking about a 41 offense now and even suggesting they need to get older, which is code for more than just the one-and-done recruits. I think it's interesting after years of success Cal is forced to make changes. Is he able to adapt? More important, will his ego allow him to adapt? This much change is an admission that what he has been doing is not working.
  6. I think CMW will be more open to kids earning playing time and starts. By all accounts he is being very open (a.k.a. "real") about what he is looking for and his expectations, so it's really on the kids to put in the work and prove they deserve the time they get. That has to be good for IU overall. Note: I read the wrap on Kristian Lander and the thing that struck me most was his dad's comments. It has to be the most logical and mature approach of any parent I've heard in a long time. Wish more parents could see big picture like he does.
  7. Most predictions I've read are based on the offensive end of the court and that makes sense. I know CMW has made it clear defense is a priority - he is a Bob Knight kid - so that's not going to change. My guess is he will try to find a balance with the rotation but it seems his offense absolutely must have multiple shooters on the floor and guards fast enough to get by people. The 41 offense dictates you have multiple shooters because it relies on spacing and movement. If the defense can sag off poor shooters the spacing goes away it is death to this offense. The guards must be able to dr
  8. Not sure who will start but you have to like the options. Add me to the list of those who believe the roster is not finalized. At some point, a guard or two will likely see the writing on the wall and have to make a tough decisions. I'd still like the to add some size who can defend and also knock down a jumper. My first thought is XJ didn't come here to sit and Bates may be too good to be on the bench for long. TJD is a lock. From there it's anybodies guess. It is nice that while other programs are still scrambling to find players or wait out decisions, IU is for the most part set
  9. The fact they did not go out and add another guy 6'8 or bigger to work inside leads me to believe they are confident Duncomb can come in and contribute. Otherwise, the loss of Brunk should have been addressed by adding more size. It's a matter of forcing the opponent to adjust to IU's quickness and shooting rather than IU trying to match up with the size of the opponent.
  10. This is a fair point. I'd point out though that Armaan and Al with those numbers were still hitting less than 2 three pointers per game on average. If IU can have 4, 5, 6 or more guys hitting at or near 35% or higher from three it will be virtually impossible for a defense to account for all of them. Last season IU basically had Al and Armaan as deep threats and Armaan missed 14 games.... so it was really just Al to game plan for outside. Occasionally a streaky Hunter would get hot and you would have to guard him also. The rest of the time the defense could sit back and watch IU hand of
  11. Difficult to keep expectations low at this point with everything that has happened in just a few weeks but it is necessary to be realistic. New coaching staff, new players, and no idea how it all fits just yet. A lot to be decided but it is looking really good to be a Hoosier fan. What you can reasonably expect is a faster tempo, more/better three point shooting, a more physically talented team, and more position flexibility. The fact IU, as of today, has a full roster is a stark difference than what we have seen the past four seasons. The competition level at practice should be excellent
  12. I think we are getting a picture now of what it's going to be at IU. My hope yesterday was they add one more big to battle inside but it's clear CMW is saying we're surrounding you with shooters and if you want to play multiple bigs we're going to run by you or shoot lights out from distance and force you to react. They'll trade 2's for 3's. The B1G will have to adjust to be more like the NBA now and less reliant on bigs bullying the other team inside. The season cannot get here soon enough.
  13. Congrats to Tamar and his family. Welcome to Indiana basketball. Big congrats to CMW and his staff. They are getting after it at a level I'm not sure anybody could have predicted this quickly. Dolson took a lot of criticism leading up to hiring CMW but as of today he's looking like a genius. My hope is they add another big to help inside, preferably a shot blocker. If not, at least someone who can play inside and out. The B1G is physical and comes at you with size in waves. It would be nice to finally have a team that is not pushed all over the court and completely outmanned inside d
  14. With Brunk gone IU really needs to focus inside. They should be going after John Harrar. He's not a giant but at 6'8 230 or more he's one of the physically strongest players in the conference. Archie mentioned it last season. Nothing over special about his game but at least he can hold his ground and he average 8 pts and 8 reb last season for Penn State.
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