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  1. This weekend is a good example of teams with multiple guys who can not only shoot it at a high level but can get their own shots and easy shots for others. It's also a great example of athleticism and guys who can rebound out of their area.
  2. If it's a foul at the start of the game it's a foul at the end. In this case it wasn't close. Foul. I'm more concerned about the precedent being set with NIL. If Miami wins the title you'll see more deals like Pack's. 800k to buy a title is not a bad investment but my guess is this is just the beginning. Why not just set up an auction site to bid on all players?
  3. No surprise. Thought he could help but was rarely avaliable. His mom should be happy now.
  4. Recruiting has changed a lot over the years and now NIL comes into play. At this point, after many visits and discussions with interested programs, is there anything left to learn about an offer/program/coaching staff/NIL opportunities? Probably not. My guess is some will want to wait until all the transfer portal activity is done but that window is open until May 11. It could be a long time before anything happens.
  5. Multiple guys did not do enough on the glass. I called out Tamar several times for being a spectator when shots go up. At his size he can do more, but I can say the same for Miller. Race's injury didn't help. His rebounding fell off the table compared to the prior season. During the Miami game it seemed a combination of low effort, lack of fundamentals in blocking out, but also just a lack of speed and athleticism. Whatever the reasons, it is clear the team needs to address rebounding going forward.
  6. If Banks and Gunn make significant jumps in their games, which is possible, then its not a bad roster. But the lack of size means they are bottom third of the conf and no chance at another big dance.
  7. Agreed. You lose that many senior guards who dominated your scoring and the odds are you can't replace them. Time to go because next season you're probably not matching the success of this season.
  8. Great player but I cannot say he maxed out. The lack of a jump shot, even a FT length jumper, over four seasons is a mystery that may never be solved.
  9. Kopp feet set, i'll take it. Kopp running into a three in transition has missed virtually every time he tried it in two seasons.
  10. Trayce will be considered one of the all-time greats at IU and rightfully so. The way he played and how he conducted himself was more than could be expected. Much appreciation for his time and effort at IU. I will always wonder what might have been if he had developed a jump shot during his career.
  11. Fans who watched this team all season saw the flaws and hoped they could somehow figure it out or get the right match-up that would not expose them. Unfortunately, they were exposed in the worst ways. Reality - the team has more concerns than just one or two players. IU needs size (legit - can play now - hold their own type size - and more than one), a significant speed upgrade, ball handling, shooting/shooting/shooting, athleticism, etc. X and Race's injuries exposed players with severe limitations when it forced them to be key contributors. CMW will need to make an honest assessment of who can and cannot help the team. Unfortunately, they lose so much it may not be possible to add enough for this team to be in the running next season. Hope I'm wrong. We don't know if X will qualify to be back. We don't know if JHS is coming back. We don't know who else is leaving. The next several months are going to be a roller coaster for this program. CMW and his coaching staff will need an incredible effort to give this team a chance next season.
  12. Turning point was them getting offensive rebounds and a tie up possession arrow on about five straight possessions and knocking down multiple threes. That blew it open.
  13. A 4 losing to a 5 is not shocking. The lack of effort on the boards is very disappointing. Sadly, the seniors go out on a sour note in both tournaments again. This was a pace game. IU had to know rebounding and getting good shots were key to preventing them running out. At no point did it look like IU was willing to change how they would play this one and it worked to Miami's advantage. My hope is CMW, two seasons in, sees the disparity in talent (speed, size, shooting ball handling, etc.) they played with most of the season and makes it a priority. But also, you have to coach what is a good shot vs bad shot. He gave JHS freedom and, as expected, there was some really good and some really bad. The bad cost them multiple games. Finally, if your player development results in only being able to trust seven players to play any significant minutes, you need to figure out why that is. Thank you to all the Seniors for what you brought to IU. Best of luck in whatever your future holds.
  14. CMW gets credit for a good season and another tourney run. However, if he doesn't see the need to add more talent he's not going any farther. More speed. More size. More scorers. More shooters. More.
  15. Block shot and of course they get it and get fouled. Miami out hustling and out working IU. That's looking like the deciding factors. Winnable game but not a lot of help for TJD. He deserved better.
  16. Two more missed rebounds and Miami scores. TJD or no rebounds at all. Hard to understand how blocking out is up to one guy when you have another big on the floor, a 6'7 forward, and a 6'6 guard.
  17. Typical. Can't grab a rebound twice. Miami hits two threes. Close game gone and IU doesn't hit threes well enough to think they will get it right back.
  18. JHS nobody under the boards from 25 feet. Horrible. Race and Trayce miss from four feet or less. Miami with another dumb luck long three - clank and falls in.
  19. Kopp on the run into a three seldom hits. Squared up really good. Not sure why he can't see it.
  20. Good start. The big to big bounce pass at their feet is still a problem.
  21. Stop turning it over, stop trying to dribble through them, and don't foul three point shooters. That would be a start in the right direction. I miss the days of brick wall screens to put the fear of God in the defense that likes to get into you. Knock their heads off a couple times and see if their D loosens up.
  22. Ugly. IU can barely dribble without turning it over and can't get to a spot before Miami on either end. IU may look back on this season and say if we just had a real PG to fill in for X. Fortunate to be down 5.
  23. Same old crap. Make a run, waste 3 or 4 possessions, other team goes on a run.
  24. Foot speed huge advantage Miami. Spread IU out and beat them to the basket. CMW and staff need to come up with an adjustment fast.
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