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  1. Just went through his story and my gut says the positive IU stuff is damage control. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. Realized that right as I clicked submit. Can I change it?
  3. No one can predict the future so I respect the caution. At the same time, we were close in a lot of those loses this year, as Trayce touched on in his press conference. The difference between 12-15 and 15-12 (or better) came down to a couple buckets here and some better execution there. That combined with the everything Woodson has done in one week has made me the most optimistic for IUBB I've been since 2012-13.
  4. Let's hope part of Matta's role is addressing things like that if they come up.
  5. I'm amped about this. He was on staff with Michael Lewis at Nebraska, right? Gotta think that can improve our chances at reeling him in from UCLA.
  6. When do the selection committee rankings come out?
  7. Didn't he already do that with some assistants last year with his bowl bonus?
  8. Are we going to find anyone who will have the coaching ability combined with the connection to the state ever again? I say no. I don't think we could ever find anyone better for the job, realistically. Sign him for life, fuggit.
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