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  1. And I certainly hope people didn’t think I was trying to be misleading with my pro-IU chatter. I was just passing along everything I was getting from sources. And again, I coached the damn kid, so obviously I wanted him to pick IU.
  2. On Peegs. Rabby confirmed he was doing a recording tonight, so that part was real. And he said his mom denied that anything leaked and that he hadn’t recorded anything yet (at the time of the call). But he then said he’s not feeling great about IU’s chances. And from experience, he doesn’t say stuff like that unless he knows something. This one is over I’m afraid.
  3. Yeah, it’s game over now. Someone just asked Rabjohns how he’s feeling now about IU’s chances and his response was “Not great.” That’s game, set, match.
  4. I just saw the pic on Peegs. It’s definitely Trey, but guess it all boils down to whether that was actually a pic of him there tonight or if it was from another instance. If it was from tonight, I have trouble not believing all the PU smoke.
  5. Based on the whirlwind of activity on multiple sites today, it is confirmed I’m going to require surgery to repair my right thumb.
  6. Good. That makes sense. Like I said, I refused to go to that site. Lol
  7. Someone is now saying the Purdue Rivals site is showing a photo of Trey in the studio, but I refuse to go there and check.
  8. How funny would it be if Trey actually did pick Purdue and heard about all these PU trolls trying to ruin his moment with fake tweets and fake radio leaks and he flips his pick and is like, “Nah, I’m a Hoosier now, POTFB!” Haha
  9. None of us are going to get anything done tomorrow, are we?
  10. Yeah, maybe that was worded poorly. I’m not speaking for Knight or anything. I don’t know full details on the roster spot that Recker got versus Matt, just laying out how the story was mentioned back in the day. Regardless, Matt had like 4 points and fouled out (was double/triple teamed all game). Knight didn’t push after that game. I do know Dakich wanted Matt at Bowling Green, if he were to get that job. He did, but Matt obviously chose Indiana State. I only know that because Dakich flat out told my dad that.
  11. Texted with CoachSS last night. He’s still optimistic for IU.
  12. That sounds eerily similar to Trey’s uncle Matt Renn. I played with him in HS. Word got out during the day that Knight was coming to that night’s home game. Dakich actually talked to my dad at the school early that morning. Matt proceeds to have his worst ever HS game and I think Knight took Recker instead. And we cheered for Matt in college even when he played IU. And his ISU teams beat IU twice, went to the NCAA tourney 2 or 3 years, and Matt became a HOFer, so he did ok. But your story sounds very similar. We all wanted Matt to be a Hoosier, but Knight never offered. And we think Matt wante
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