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  1. Any non-conf schedule rumors out there?
  2. I like Harmon. I honestly fail to see how Porter is going to attract recruits in Oklahoma with that style of play in such a high level conference.
  3. That makes sense. Nothing about him screams PG to me but these kids are allowed to feel how they feel.
  4. Adam Miller seems unlikely to IU but man would that be something. Also Bryce Hamilton from UNLV just put his name in - highly productive.
  5. my UF friend said he is a pain in the ass and left because he wasn't going to be promised the pg role so maybe not.
  6. Noah Locke would be a very nice replacement but the suitor list is long
  7. As of now yes, I still think they are looking for a 4 man who can shoot it a bit.
  8. Slightly surprised on Race - hope he can become a super-sub energy big for us.
  9. Armaan was on the court and in the building today...I really hope he announces he is returning soon
  10. i missed someone sharing the catering order but that aligns with my intel... still nothing to suggest AF isnt returning based on what I know...
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