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  1. He hasn’t infomed any staffs of where he’s going yet.
  2. The chatter that Kaufman is going to Purdue is coming from Painter. Trey hasn’t told any coaches of his decision. The only two people that know where Trey is going is him and his mom. Maybe his uncle. If maybe only 3 people know where Kaufman is going, where is the Purdue chatter coming from? It’s surely not one of his family members spoiling the announcement
  3. Snow isn’t being used by coaching staffs. He is pretty accurate, since his crystal ball percentage is 94% with 295 picks made. He had a crystal ball pick in for Trayce to IU and knew he was going there for a long time. He changed his mind on Duncomb before he committed. And him saying Kaufman won’t play with Lander was his own opinion. That didn’t come from a coaching staff.
  4. Some guys (like the Purdue Rivals guy and Illinois 247 guy) are being used by coaching staffs, but Brian Snow isn’t being used by coaching staffs. Snow is a national guy and he covers multiple teams, not just Indiana.
  5. You guys need to calm down. Kaufman hasn’t announced his decision yet. Quit downplaying how much impact Kaufman would have on IU. You’re only saying this because some people now think he is going to Purdue. He would raise the talent level a lot and you need talented players to win games. We will see where he goes on the 30th.
  6. Follow my IUBB recruiting page on Twitter.
  7. Where are the people living at, that told you this? Are they living in Indiana? Is so, what part of Indiana?
  8. What in the hell makes you guys think Tyra Buss should be in consideration for an assistant coaching job on the IU Men’s basketball staff?
  9. They all had an ASSISTANT coach or two that was black. I don’t mean we need a black head coach, I meant that we need a black assistant. No high level college basketball program has a 4 guy white coaching staff. And considering a large majority of the best basketball players are African American, you won’t be able to get high level recruits if you have an all white coaching staff.
  10. I don’t want to burst some of your bubbles and hurt your feelings, but somebody is going to have to say it. -The new assistant will be a POC. Young black men aren’t going to go to a place where there is no one they can relate to (in life and personal experiences) on the coaching staff. -Dane Fife is NEVER going to be an assistant at IU. He could be the head coach at MSU once Izzo retires and the only way he returns to IU is as a head coach. - Michael Lewis will not be our next assistant as he is white. -AJ Guyton was an assistant at Loyola Maryland for the 18-19 season and that
  11. What position do you see Hopkins playing in college? He looks to slow and a not good enough shooter for a SF, but too short to be a PF. Also, if Wesley or Hopkins commit to IU does that push the other player too commit as well?
  12. I hope they try and get one of these PGs in the class of 2022 that are more highly rated and wanted by big time schools (ex. Thornton, Holloway). I like Smith but many think his game doesn’t translate to high major college basketball. If we lose Phinisee and Lander in 2022 I hope we bring in a top 80 PG.
  13. Yah, I wouldn’t take everything they say to serious. Todd Leary once said if Rob Phinisee doesn’t shoot the ball well from 3 next year; Lander, Leal, and Galloway would all start over Rob. Lander could but Galloway and Leal aren’t going to fill that role next year.
  14. I would say no, we are going to get at least Kaufman or Miller and probably Wesley or Mohammed. There roster is pretty set, so you take a risk and go for the home run player. They also sit in a good place with all four of the players I listed.
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