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  1. Former Astros pitcher, J.R. Richard, whose career was derailed by a stroke back in 1980 has died. For those of you too young to remember, he threw serious heat before everyone started doing it. 100 mph fastball when the league average was about 88.
  2. That's me. The top one is to scale for @bluegrassIU.
  3. Not sure if this is a bad or good reflection of how your mind works, but I was going to post the same response when I saw his comment.
  4. Feel for you. I'm lucky in that most of the teams I rooted for last year were winners. Dodgers, Buccaneers, Bucks, Bama Football, Baylor Basketball, the Mumbai Cricket Club, etc.
  5. Well, technically, the guy named Penix is Penix.
  6. Is growing balls really a prerequisite for throwing dice. I have seen some pretty hot ladies at the Craps table who I'm pretty sure were not packing.
  7. The challenge with validating that 'Subject X' spread it to 'Subject 'Y' is that a week from now, when Subject Y tests positive, there is no way to validate with 100% certainty that Subject X caused Subject Y's infection. Subject Y could have been exposed by someone totally different after, or even before, their encounter with Subject X I always thought that 'tracing it back' to a specific event, like a wedding or the Sturgis biker rally was a fool's exercise.
  8. Here is how masks can get a bad rap. A family if 5 wears masks everywhere they go, but one of those is a 5 year old who is constantly tinkering with his mask. The 5 year old is exposed, catches Covid, but because of his age, shows little in the way of symptoms. Meanwhile, at home, the family does not wear their masks, and the asymptomatic 5 year old spreads it to the rest of the family, even though they were diligent about wearing their mask in public. This type of scenario gives the false impression that masking does not work. When, in reality, it's the complete opposite.
  9. I disagree with the premise that masks do not work. Are they 100% effective? No, of course not. But, if you put an unmasked infected person on an elevator with ten unmasked people for 2 minutes, and then put that same infected person, but now masked, on a different elevator with 10 masked people for 2 minutes, do you truly believe the INITIAL spread will be the same.
  10. Looking like it's going to be a rough year for the Colts. Being in a division with Houston and Jacksonville will help, but Titans should be clear favorites at this point.
  11. My teenage son can get 1 meal out of 3 pizzas. Or, so it seems sometimes.
  12. I considered that series before, but have held off. Too many other series and/or authors I'm already committed to.
  13. For whatever reason, I get less irritated about drive thru or pickup screwups than I do about dine-in ones. I'll go back close to 50 years with a story. Went out with the family as a young lad to Frisch's (home of the Big Boy). Being 6 years old or so, I ordered a grilled cheese. 20 minutes later, food is delivered, but no grilled cheese. Dad kindly tells the waitress it was missing. 20 more minutes go by and still no grilled cheese. Rest of family is finishing up, and dad asks the waitress again. At this point, everyone else is done and we sit there for 15 more minutes when finally the waitress comes back to deliver..........a CHEESEBURGER. For years later, I thought a grilled cheese must be the hardest thing in the world to make.
  14. Every time I see this thread near the top of the page, I think to myself "didn't he decide that months ago?"
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