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  1. 29 other MLB teams go bankrupt and the Cardinals are forced to play college teams. One of the teams they play is Purdue. Then again, I just would not watch.
  2. My goals: If I, or someone I love, catches Covid, the symptoms are reduced. In Indiana alone, about 700 people in my age bracket (50-59) have died with Covid. I still have kids in high school that need their dad. I lost my dad my sophomore year in college. But, my younger brother was only 6 at the time. Then my brother died when his kids were 11 and 9. I've seen what early and unexpected death can do to kids. I don't want mine to go through that just because I was too stubborn to get a little shot. That vaccinations will help society open up faster For me, those two
  3. Green has been doing work and it seems to be paying off, considering that when he was only 17 years young, he tied Georgia Tech's HC Josh Pastner as the youngest head coach to ever take charge of an Elite Youth Basketball League game. https://www.vavel.com/en-us/ncaa/2021/05/11/college-basketball/1070912-green-joins-coach-woodsons-staff-at-indiana.html
  4. Big deal. At 21, I ate an entire Arby's roast beef sandwich in two bites. Edit: And, there was a hell of a lot more meat on that sandwich 35 years ago than there is now.
  5. Nah. Was just thinking a piece of strawberry pie would taste good right now.
  6. 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459
  7. I think the state of Indiana will be a little slower in the migration to using it than other states. At the high school level, I think it helps the girls game more than the boys game. On the boy side, except for a handful of schools, I don't see that many teams playing a slowdown game. The low scores we see are more related to poor offensive execution, bad shooting, and a 32 minute game, more than anything else. What I would like to see is another minute added to each quarter. Getting it up to a 36 minute game should be worth to 6-8 more points per team.
  8. Negative stat: He's never had a triple double. Positive stat" He's never been ejected.
  9. Was just coming over here to post this. I had not specifically seen that it was the J&J vaccine. As someone that got that shot, it gives me pause.
  10. Random Stupid Stat of the Day Mike Trout has the slowest reaction time of any qualifying outfielder in the majors at -2.8. He should be benched https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/leaderboard/outfield_jump?year=2021&min=q&sort=6&sortDir=asc Jesse Winker is near the bottom of every defensive metric for outfielders He should be benched https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/leaderboard/outfield_jump?year=2021&min=q&sort=9&sortDir=asc
  11. Man. The extra inning rule threw me for a loop today. Working, so not watching the game. But, I was periodically following the box on ESPN. Followed close enough to know that Senzel made the last out of the 9th, which meant if it went to extras, then Winker would lead off the 10th. So, next time I check, I see the Reds are up 5-1 and that Suarez apparently hit a 3 run double. What I couldn't figure out was Winker's line. Based on the last time I checked the box, he apparently had a hit, a run, and an RBI in the 10th. Well, in my 50+ years of following baseball, if you lead off an i
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