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  1. @ricoand @IUFLA Do you guys know the answer to Scott's question?
  2. Second biggest choke for Texas basketball this year.
  3. Well, I guess a team CAN win a big game without shooting the 3.
  4. You consider the Big East to be Mid-Major? The conference's performance in the tournament says otherwise.
  5. If he makes the first, he needs to miss the second intentionally.
  6. IU would be looking at him for 'potential'. I would prefer to have 'production'.
  7. Other than UK, that list of teams is pretty telling in my opinion.
  8. Saw that. I hope he has a decent to solid year this season and then hangs hem up. Don't want him to finish out his career somewhere else. And, the Reds better not do things in such a way where the fans don't get a Joey Votto night.
  9. Saw that. It's not so much the fact he is still on the payroll. It's that the team is so damn cheap, that $3.59M is the 4th highest salary.
  10. If Texas wins it all, I am the champ, so I'm sure all if you are Longhorn fans from here on out.
  11. Going against Mitch Keller, who is a righty. Votto India Barrero Steer Friedl Benson Myers Stephenson Fraley Greene as SP
  12. Reds have their last two Spring Training games today. Split squad matchups against the Guardians and the Rockies. Next stop is Opening Day on Thursday against the Pirates.
  13. I thought it was legit. If itt was some random dude and not Timme, no one would be questioning it.
  14. I hate that high school teams can't get the score into the 60's and 70's any longer.
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