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  1. Definitely has risen for IU’s next Coach, once Woody peacefully retires from coaching within the next 6-10 years
  2. And what a surprise USI lands 6’5 G Taelon Martin (EKU) to start it off for the Eagles. Believe he was at a JUCO last year
  3. Hope IU gets back to their elite status, until then, I’ve only seen us a regular program in my eyes, and if you asked someone else my age, probably the same answer
  4. I was either 6 or 7 during the 2002 championship run. I’m sure I watched it, but nothing to remember of it. Only thing I remember for IU’s postseason successes is Tom Cream’s Sweet 16s
  5. I haven’t seen IU in an Elite 8 live, last time they were there, I was probably busy playing with my toy trucks in the yard lol.
  6. He had an 1 and 1 he missed earlier in the OT and the one you presumably saw
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