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  1. No but every year have a parade of players come through saying awesome indiana is and they end up saying thanks but no thanks.
  2. You have to score goals. You can't expect to win every game 1-0.
  3. I've heard he's up to 6'10" now and may be still growing. Anybody else hearing this?
  4. So with Bates added, does that give us one more spot for next year now?
  5. We need dudes. Grown ass men. Because that's what Baylor has. That's what we would have looked like under Sampson eventually. On a side note, how many times did Timmee stroke his stache tonight?
  6. It's not going away apparently. The NBA simply bought time and let the whole adidas scandal cool off some. Now they are saying the union won't allow the NBA access to high school kids medical records.
  7. I have a bigger problem with Geronimo's mom wanting him to transfer and be closer to home. You don't put your desires ahead of your son's. You can't be like The Waterboy and be a mamas boy forever.
  8. The guys on the assembly call seem pretty down on it. Except for that guy with the cigar and he looked pretty hammered, honestly.
  9. I'm watching Baylor and Arkansas and they would both beat us by 45 points.
  10. With this hire and now word that Archie Miller didn't really want the job and had to be talked into it, you have to think that no serious candidate wants to work for this university. Insert Clint Eastwood disgusted gif, and that's coaches reaction to IU basketball.
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