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  1. If you liked Tyra, you should check out the thread on the Lady Stetson Beach Volleyball team starting on page 121 in this thread -> A long meandering debate about Luke Brown (not the next Damon Bailey) and various other off-topic discussions I thought Luke Brown was just code to throw the mods off.
  2. That's what football schools do to get more fans to watch the basketball team.
  3. I thought this was the Stetson Sand Volleyball thread? What is their season prognosis next year? Who did they add through the Volleyball portal / recruiting?
  4. Agreed. Imagine what Duke would be today had K left after a few years for UCLA, Kansas, Kentucky, or UNC.
  5. https://d1baseball.com/coaching-buzz/coach-buzz-arizona-state-fires-smith-candidate-hot-board/
  6. They should hang a banner for the Chest Bump National Championship they won right up there with the 0 banners they have for basketball. They would then have a mythical championship banner hanging like Purdue!
  7. It's where you pack it in and let the other team shoot freely.
  8. The point is there is some criticism most people are ok with. It's when it goes beyond job performance type of criticism and it seems the poster has a personal issue with Archie, his work ethics, or his morality, we, as IU fans, should be better than that.
  9. When he was hired, I expected Tony Bennett defense with better offense. But for some reason, Archie's version of the Pack Line wasn't as effective as Bennett's is. If he can figure that out, he may be able to get back to the P5 level. Otherwise, I see him in the mid-majors going forward.
  10. If you had titled it Purdoobie-doobie-doo, you probably would have been contacted by copyright lawyers and the site would have been shut down again.
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