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  1. Who's Richie Hammel? Does he wear the Purdue Pete costume? Or the big drummer boy?
  2. Wow, just wow! Ever wonder why people hate the state of California? Exhibit A. "I don't believe that joining the Big 10 is in the best interest of UCLA, its students, its athletes, its alumni, its fans, the rest of the UC system, the State of California, or the world at large."
  3. You still didn't answer the 'Y'all have a great.' question for him. What kind of a sadistic person are you to continue messing with him?????
  4. I don't feel like you are being genuine here. You would prefer IU being unranked, middle of the pack B1G team, on the NCAA bubble beating a Directional School versus being a conference favorite, single digit ranked, and a top 3 seed in NCAA tournament? I also feel this is opposite of your marriage history - Your Expectations have been too high, and your results have been sh!t.
  5. Being ranked in the top 5 means you have a really good team. Being unranked means you have no expectations. I prefer high expectations.
  6. Why is asking if you would marry a cheerleader even a question? I would go with Steph. His shooting is ridiculous and just happens to be one of our biggest needs.
  7. How many former co-workers are you divorced from?
  8. Are we allowed to post boobs on the forum?
  9. When you run a combination audio and video signal through a recording device, it slows the transmission down by 0.0000387 milliseconds, then you're really not watching live TV anymore.
  10. Purdue vs. Davidson??? Is PU's non-conference schedule that bad?
  11. Would you mind telling my wife this statement for me?
  12. Is there criteria for how this list was generated? UNLV for Tier 6? Basically has everything Louisville tried to do under Pitino, but is legal.
  13. Start a thread about how much our shooting will be improved next year.
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