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  1. Noticed he deleted all of his OV pics from us TN and georgetown from his instagram. Hmmm
  2. Lol hes the #28 composite 4* (a few away from a 5*) in his class. AFTER a year of barely playing. If you didnt know his name and i told yall this youd love to have him lol. Rated higher than jalen hood schifino for his class that i know we all desperately want. Hes a good player. Youre just a hater and thats ok. Dealing (even tho i believe thered be nothing to deal with, cbb isnt a useless aau game) with LBJ for a few years is so worth the publicity, imagine all the national games wed get. I can name so many positives to this. Also lbj is a great person if you think otherwise well thats on you.
  3. I didnt call anyone stupid but go off
  4. The idea that LeBron would be a distraction is pretty stupid. If anything, having him tied to your program would be a good thing for a long time, both for future recruiting and for your fan base who would get some cool Nike gear and having Bron support your program since his kid went there. Blue chip recruits would like up to get a chance to play with Bronny simply because it means more exposure to his dad. Plus, Bronny is really good in his own right If you hate LBJ I can see not wanting this, but otherwise it’s all upside.
  5. He didnt play last season is why hes a 4 * lmao
  6. All ive got to say is LOL to that. Benefits definitely outweigh the cons.
  7. Anyone in here saying they wouldnt take him is delusional lol
  8. Its literally still summer….. lmao were fine
  9. TN forum seems somewhat confident about him. But i also like our chances. Likely rob and x gone, hell have alot of mins to compete for
  10. Not sure where youre getting your 22% from. Ik his sophomore year he shot 35% from 3.
  11. This has nothing to do with gunn lol. Well more than likely have 3-4 players not return next season. Well have space.
  12. https://syracusefan.com/threads/sf-justin-taylor-va-offered.154297/page-23 cuse fans seem confident
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