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  1. There was a study last summer that studied breakthrough cases amongst the re-infected - this was before vaccines were available. In most cases it found that people who got COVID a second time had very mild cases the first time - they had less antibodies in their system than a person who had a severe case. Therefore, the question you are asking does not have a clear cut answer. At least that’s how I understood it. Vaccines develop a somewhat consistent amount of antibodies per shot. The amount of natural antibodies resulting from a COVID infection vary greatly, depending on severity. Therefore, they can’t really be compared in an ‘apples to apples’ sort of way. Amongst the reinfected, people who’ve had severe bouts may not need the vaccine as much as a person with a mild and/or a symptomatic infection. All that said, I don’t believe there are any studies with clear cut answers (just theories) because there are too many variables to consider. This article references that study: https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2020/12/study-identifies-difference-between-severe-and-mild-covid-19.html
  2. I’m just finishing up Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir (author of The Martian). Holy cow, the book sucks you in from the first paragraph. It’s hard to put the thing down…had to force myself to go to bed this past weekend. Highly recommended if you like science fiction, interstellar space travel, etc.
  3. Hate to hear that. Hoping for the best.
  4. If it wasn’t mentioned alumni’s Blake Pieroni and Zach Apple brought home gold in the 400 FR and Lilly King got a bronze in the 100 breast. 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ #Represent
  5. Exactly. While registering for high school my Freshman year for a gym I could take regular PE and run all hour or power gymnastics. It was an easy decision because I hate running - I loved the class and ended up competing for all 4 years. And it was great cross-training for my main sport, which was swimming. That said, the sport scared the s*** out of me. When you're doing giants around the high bar you can do a number of things: ping (slip off), release the bar a split second too early which will cause you to go right into the ground, release the bar too late and over-rotate, etc. My senior year, i'd do this thing on the high bar where you'd roll both of your hands into an eagle grip at the top of a giant. One time in practice slipped off and had a scary fall. I didn't even hurt myself, but couldn't do that move again...ever. I was petrified of releasing the bar. Of course, i'm the furthest thing from an olympic caliber athlete and am a wimp, but getting the yips is no joke. The best gymnasts are fearless. The second fear creeps in...you're done. I assure you that every high level gymnast shares the same loose screw as the slot receivers who run routes through the middle of the field knowing they are going to get smashed when they catch the ball. The second they develop t-rex arms their effectiveness takes a hit. This is not like Scottie Pippen benching himself over a financial dispute. Based on Biles' previous interviews, it seeming like the yips have been slipping in as she's gotten older. If one thinks that diminishes her legacy that's fine, but she's gotta do what she's gotta do. I personally am not holding it against her.
  6. Not directed at you, but why do we feel entitled enough to deserve the answer to that question? She did what she felt was best for her mental health. Can’t it be left at that? Giving the reason that she already did is not exactly an easy thing to do.
  7. A couple of new shows I’m into…. - I know I’ve said it before, but Ted Lasso. The second season just started! - Hacks on HBO/Max is really good. Thought we’d try it on a whim and the show is really well written and funny. - Just when I thought I was getting tired of the ‘dark’ murder mysteries we blew through Mare of East Town. It’s been pretty hyped, but lives up to it.
  8. Messiah was a great show. Everybody I know who has watched it has loved it.
  9. The biggest counter punch to a move on the scale of Texas and Oklahoma is with Notre Dame and USC. And that is far pretty fetched. Although, would ND be more likely to come on board if USC does? Hmmm, that’d bring in a lot of money.
  10. ARTICLE: https://247sports.com/Article/Conference-realignment-Big-Ten-only-interested-in-adding-AAU-schools-Texas-Longhorns-Oklahoma-Sooners-SEC-168288689/ AAU Members: Public Georgia Institute of Technology (2010) Indiana University (1909) Iowa State University (1958) Michigan State University (1964) The Ohio State University (1916) The Pennsylvania State University (1958) Purdue University (1958) Rutgers University – New Brunswick (1989) Stony Brook University – The State University of New York (2001) Texas A&M University (2001) University at Buffalo – The State University of New York (1989) The University of Arizona (1985) University of California, Davis (1996) University of California, Berkeley (1900) University of California, Irvine (1996) University of California, Los Angeles (1974) University of California, San Diego (1982) University of California, Santa Barbara (1995) University of California, Santa Cruz (2019) University of Colorado, Boulder (1966) University of Florida (1985) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1908) The University of Iowa (1909) The University of Kansas (1909) University of Maryland at College Park (1969) University of Michigan (1900) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (1908) University of Missouri, Columbia (1908) The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1922) University of Oregon (1969) University of Pittsburgh (1974) The University of Texas at Austin (1929) The University of Utah (2019) University of Virginia (1904) University of Washington (1950) The University of Wisconsin – Madison (1900) AAU Member Universities Private Boston University (2012) Brandeis University (1985) Brown University (1933) California Institute of Technology (1934) Carnegie Mellon University (1982) Case Western Reserve University (1969) Columbia University (1900) Cornell University (1900) Dartmouth College (2019) Duke University (1938) Emory University (1995) Harvard University (1900) The Johns Hopkins University (1900) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1934) New York University (1950) Northwestern University (1917) Princeton University (1900) Rice University (1985) Stanford University (1900) Tulane University (1958) The University of Chicago (1900) University of Pennsylvania (1900) University of Rochester (1941) University of Southern California (1969) Vanderbilt University (1950) Washington University in St. Louis (1923) Yale University (1900) Canadian McGill University (1926) University of Toronto (1926)
  11. I honestly had to look it up to see if Syracuse still has a football team. 😆
  12. I have to disagree. Of course there will be lawsuits, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll win. This one was taken to a federal court and the ruling was in IU’s favor. And that’s what it is going to come down to 99% of the time in my non-expert legal opinion: ‘if you don’t like it then go somewhere else, take classes online or take the semester off.’ Students are given options and not forced to do anything.
  13. Did anybody watch? That rocket landing was incredible.
  14. Because that would be an INTERnational story. 😎
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