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  1. Nate Robinson wasn’t too long ago. Nowell will definitely have to earn his way.
  2. I'm not going to get excited about transfers at this point in the game, but man did I like the clips of Timberlake. Quick release. Can catch and shoot off screens (and off-balance). Has the ability to drive. Can create his own shot. Can get to the line and shoots it at 85% from the stripe.
  3. I was just listening to a Don Fisher interview and learned an interesting coincidence: In 2018-19 the conference switched to a 20 game schedule. That's the last 3 years for ya. Funny enough the ONLY team to make the sweet 16 this year is MSU and they played only played 19 games! hmmmmm. haha. Combine this with the strength and depth of the league: teams don't get any nights off. We typically don't have more than one team to beat up on and give our starters some rest. Then combine this with the physicality of the league and coaches who prefer to grind out games. Guys are tired! And now we're going to add some trips to California. With the added teams, are they going to switch to a 22 game schedule? One thing I can believe is that the number of games we play is not going to be decreased after those huge television contracts. I realize that other factors are involved for our lack of success, but thought this was a really interesting observation.
  4. I don’t know TKR may see how well players with hyphenated names do here.
  5. It seems like there's not a cohesive argument made about officiating, to be honest. In the same breath we'll say: the officials call fouls so much that the game has no flow. And then we'll also say the B1G is overly aggressive and the officials don't call enough fouls. Can't have it both ways or am I missing something?
  6. i'm not so sure. Powerhouses aren't exactly snatching coaches up from the SEC or B1G. PSU can throw a lot at Shrew - and does a head coach want to risk going to the Big 12 or PAC 12 in this climate? PSU can be like: Here's all the money and resources you can have to build a program, with less pressure. Or you can risk it all by going to a high pressure school in another conference.
  7. Enter Dennis Green meme: They are who we thought we were. (Except Purdue of course, but that’s nothing new) Haha.
  8. I go back and forth on the B1G. Since our last championship (MSU), the conference has had the 2nd most Final Four appearances. As a conference, 2021 and 2022 were clearly not good showings. This year the conference was down, which was evident by that 2nd place - 9th place log jam. So, is this ‘post COVID funk’ an outlier or a trend? One thing that I do think is that coaches like Shrewsberry are good for the conference. PSU doesn’t only need to hold on to him for their interests, but also the conference’s interests.
  9. Good question. A bit relieved to hear that answer.
  10. Back in November, if you said that we’d win a game in the tournament, finished second in the B1G and got a 4 seed all while battling injuries - the perception would be that we met expectations. BUT this team did not play up to their potential, plain and simple. I don’t want to sugar coat this. The same mistakes plagued us over and over again - even in wins. I’ve been biting my tongue all year, but fundamentals in passing and rebounding does not look like it is being emphasized. That is coaching. We need to get better in this area, or all that we are is a streaky team that will continue to trip over ourselves.
  11. THis happens because we let them get hot with shitty defense on the perimeter and a thousand second chance opportunities. This is all about effort….once again. I don’t know if it’s this group of guys or the culture. But Woody isn’t going to have much success if this doesn't’ change.
  12. MOVE OMIER. Don’t just let him stand where he wants!
  13. Rebounding is effort and desire. We can only display it in spurts. Even in our wins.
  14. WHy is our rebounding a surprise? We haven’t rebounded all year.
  15. DOn’t rebound on one side of the court. Put up bad, early shots on the other end and dont’ make MIami play defense. Not a winning formula.
  16. We haven’t given this many points in the paint to a guy not names Edey in a while.
  17. How is that not a fouls on Poplar. Running in and completely out of control
  18. He said “no complaining” and I have 2 guesses at who that was directed towards. Maybe 1 guess. Really, Really, how you are right.
  19. I hate to say it and I hope I’m wrong. But Miami is the better team tonight. Unless they implode, I just don’t see a win. This it’s like the PSU game in the BTT all over again.
  20. News flash for JHS. There are a lot of players faster and bigger than Pack and Wong in the NBA. He needs to impose his will.
  21. Refresh my memory. Do we not have an All-American big that is 3 inches taller than everybody on Miami’s team?
  22. Costly over and back. Disu just took that thing over.
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