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  1. Am I missing something? Did he commit?
  2. Not sure how good our chances are but man, love to be in that company.
  3. Really don’t get this mindset, who cares if they trash talk guys from a rival on Twitter? They’re your rival, don’t think anyone from Ohio State is going to care if their players don’t buddy up with Michigan guys. It’s Purdue. Who cares. it’s more amusing than anything.
  4. https://twitter.com/mondsjames/status/1418241045385654276?s=21
  5. The IU recruits shit talking is pretty hilarious.
  6. Has he done this tweet for guys we missed on? I feel like every time I’ve noticed something like this they committed to IU but I don’t follow his Twitter that closely.
  7. I don’t think Coyle is remotely credible tbh
  8. I still think those divisions are pretty lopsided unless IU develops into a consistent contender or somehow Nebraska or some dark horse like Rutgers does. Penn State/Michigan/Wisconsin/Iowa in one division is brutal and Michigan State used to be a power too, we will see what they do under a new coach but yeah... I’m not sure that fixes much outside of swapping which division is the problem.
  9. Does Brohm have enough time for a QB recruit coming in next year to develop? I can’t see Purdue tolerating him for 3 more years for a freshman to develop if they don’t improve now.
  10. Has there been movement on the Alfonzo Allen front? Isn’t he committed elsewhere?
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