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  1. yeah, I know the saying, but we all thought the Iowa game was more than 1 step and today was definitely more than 2...hence what I wrote. Thanks for the welcome and not a troll, I'm a '97 IU Bloomington grad.
  2. Inexcusable to come home off of the Iowa game and pretty much get out-everything'd today. If we don't have an aberration from deep (we shot 10-16 for 63%) we easily lose this game by double digits. TDJ played weak, he doesn't spread out in the post and go after the ball, too many times he lets the defender come around him for a deflection or steal. He isn't ready for the league, he is too soft right now and needs to develop a mean streak. And I am done with Hunter, I had high hopes but I just can't anymore, he does some good things and then out of the blue makes multiple boneheaded plays.
  3. I have been saying since Archie took over that his offense isn't going to cut it, it is too slow and too "structured" and unfortunately, up to this point, it hasn't. I am disappointed at what CAM said yesterday after the NW game about possibly having to play even slower....in my opinion, that is the exact opposite of what he should be doing. I realize that Archie is a defense first coach which is all well and good, but I also think that philosophy can lead to the belief that playing fast on offense causes your defense to suffer. I don't think that has to be the case, I think you can pla
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