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2022 Class Rankings and Discussion


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22 hours ago, Leathernecks said:

Le'Veon Bell helping Coach McCullough with recruiting? Can't hurt to have contacts like that!


Big time running back prospect.

Good catch on Bell.  He obviously was just on the Chiefs so he can vouch for McCullough.  

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1 hour ago, thirdgenhoosier said:

Wasn’t Strickland just on campus for an unofficial?  I’m guessing it wouldn’t be him but a guy can hope, right?

Might as well shoot for the stars!  Actually, let's go with Curry too.  Him and Dasan are pretty close.

My next best guess would be James Monds or Zane Durant.  They seem to have good things to say about IU, and had some interesting comments on Dasan's commitment tweet.  Monds also posted 11 days ago that big news was dropping soon.  A few announcements about visits this summer is really all since then.  Maybe that was the big news, or maybe he has a bigger announcement coming soon?

The person who tweeted about commitment news doesn't seem to have inside information on much else going on, so maybe someone more local that he has a contact with like Cooper.  

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3 minutes ago, Hoosierfan1901 said:

Yea, I don’t think it’s a QB since we have enough depth at the spot. Wouldn’t make any sense

I don't agree with have enough depth there. There are other saying it's going to be Mascoe, as well. I think we should take a QB in every class, personally. 

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I wonder if Mascoe is being recruited as a QB.  He might be, but at 6 foot and a solid build, I could see him going to RB or LB.  It shows Sheridan and Wright as the main recruiters, so probably recruited as a QB, just curious if there's a chance he'd be moved.

The only other QB I've really read anything about is Josh Hoover from Texas.  I highly doubt he'd be committing soon based on the little I've read.  Would be tough to get out of Texas too.

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49 minutes ago, thirdgenhoosier said:

Sorry for being lazy, but is there more information about him?  Is he coming from Northern Illinois?

I just did a quick google and there doesn’t seem to be much.  He’s coming from NIU, was committed to Temple, is a grad transfer with 1 yer of eligibility, and seems to be a solid player. 

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