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We love anything Mexican in our house. This week Kroger had a special on turkey burger so I bought 3lbs. and before last night it's always the same prep on stovetop. First time I ever cooked turkey burger in slow cooker and honestly I don't think I'll go back to range anytime soon. 

3lbs turkey burger, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, cayenne, and 2 seasoning packets along with 2 cups of salsa poured over top. Low cook for 6 hours and done. I would break up the meat every couple of hours otherwise it turned out great. I was hesitant in slow cooker for ground beef but won't go back to the range anytime soon.

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Bringing this one over from the Crock Pot thread from days of yore...

I know a lot of folks on here grew up in Indiana, so here's an Indiana staple...Beef and noodles. Never seen it anywhere else, but my Mom made it on a regular basis when I was a kid...I made up this crock pot recipe a few years back...easy-peasy

The Crock-Pot method.

32 oz of beef broth 

2-3 lb chuck roast 

24 oz bag if Reames frozen egg noodles

Put the roast in the crock pot and cover it with the beef broth

Cook low for 7 hours 

Shred the roast 

Dump the Reames noodles in and cook on low for an additional 90 minutes

Best over mashed potatoes (starch city, baby)





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Posted (edited)

Just had homemade shrimp tacos and elote.  Alot of meals anymore we just make up our own recipes using what's in the house. 

For the Elote we used a bag of frozen corn, onion, red bell pepper, yellow squash, cilantro, salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne, half a lime juiced, and believe it or not parmesan cheese. 

Parmesan is a substitute for cojita cheese which we didnt have. 

Cooked it up in a cast iron using avocado oil. Turned out really well. 

Just makes me impatient for fresh sweet corn.😬

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