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2022 through 2065 MLB Seasons


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I need someone explain the purpose why the Reds used 4 relievers to pitch 3.1 innings and then bring in Lively who is normally a starter. A starter has their routine before the game to get ready for the start just like relievers have their own routines. Why not let Lively start and if he can only go 4 or 5 innings then let him start then bring in the relievers.

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4 hours ago, IU Scott said:

The Reds lose another game because of the Dumb Ass David Bell handling of the pitching staff. No way in hell do you ever take a pitcher out of that was dominate as Green was. It is obvious the relievers are out of gas especially Diaz. Stop babying these millionaires.

I think you need a weed gummie


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29 minutes ago, Stlboiler23 said:

idk if I’d call 122 a lot by any stretch of the imagination. 

But you're acting like 200 wins is an automatic qualifier...it's not...You solicitied an opinion, and I gave one...

16 minutes ago, rico said:

Is he better than Tommy John?

No, nor Luis Tiant, nor even Jon Lester...

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Problem today is it isn't the HOF any longer but it the Hall of the very good. Also with pitchers today they won't ever meet the old criteria for pitchers to get in the HOF. They don't put h enough games or innings to get the amount of wins needed. To me if a pitcher barely averages 5IP a game I would never put them in the same category of the greats of the past 

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