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2024 F Liam McNeeley

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6 hours ago, Madison22 said:

Get Dillon Mitchell from the portal!  If he goes.  From Montverde Florida.  6'8" forward.  Ranked #5 out of high school.  Currently a freshman at Texas shooting 64% from the field.  8 points, 5 rebounds per game.

I'm officially starting the rumor.  #DillonToIndiana2023.  I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true.


I'm all for circling the waters but they have as much if not more money than anyone 

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Not sure if this woman has a HSN account, but if she does and is reading this, thank you for making that poster! 

It’s reasons like this that Liam says in his Daily Hoosier interview that IU fans, “are crazy too, and that’s NOT the same with every school that’s recruiting me right now.”

With no mention of Texas and no visits planned, feels like we can really separate ourselves from the pack and hopefully secure a commitment. Especially since I feel like Texas will get a good coach and their staff will make sure to prioritize a local kid like Liam. 

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2 hours ago, Hoosierdave said:

Pretty clear Liam genuinely appreciates our fandom. If we can close out this season strong, I think he’s ours to lose. 




Gotta feel good about where we stand.

He reposted the same thing Asa did of Goodman saying JHS is a lottery pick.

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Just now, bluegrassIU said:

And he can carry.in the Miller Kopp headband tradition! Clearly a fit.


I said this once before already and I will say it again: I mean this is the nicest way possible, the kid looks like an absolute prick. He just oozes that my team loves me but every other team and fan base hates me vibe. We need that. 

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