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Arizona presale underway…..

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2 hours ago, Seeking6 said:

Has anyone been to a game at MGM before? Headed out with a group and I/we are trying to figure out is the 200 level ($49 to $79 each) bad.....or should we just spring for the tickets on sites as we get closer. Honestly the prices on SeatGeek are getting stupid already.

I’m not sure any in sections 1-24 are available through the main booking site - there’s only one seat here and there, but not 2 together. Maybe if there’s a way to book through IU Alumni you can still get in those sections. 

Anyhoo, below is a link with a virtual view from whichever seat you choose. (not sure how much this helps)


*Thanks to @eddy4iu I used the presale code to get in section 18. The place doesn’t look that big though. I literally just booked our flights 5 minutes ago. So pumped. 

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I'll tell you what....gone are the days of getting to Vegas and back cheaply. I remember when you could get there and back for $200. Now you're lucky you can get a one way ticket at that price on an airline that doesn't charge you to bring on a backpack and charge you a quarter to use the bathroom.

Anybody finding any good deals in general? Prices seems for hotels seem the same on whichever travel site you go to. The best 'deals' I've found come with a reimbursement of points. If you have Chase rewards and book through their portal you get 5x points. And Southwest is offering a varying degree of rapid rewards points to book through them. The points SW offers depend on the hotel, but one that caught my eye was 10k points for a 3 night stay at Mandalay Bay @ $200/night. (I just hate being all the way at the end of the strip though...in December...when you can't even use their pool)


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Was just told to expect notification regarding Arizona tickets this evening.

Won't know price level though. Could be another month before getting that info.
IU is still lobbying for more tickets and won't allocate price points before they are sure of what they have to allocate.

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Just got the confirmation email - here's what it looks like. Note it says that ALL ticket requests were able to be honored......

Great news! We can confirm your ticket request for the Las Vegas Clash and look forward to you cheering on our Hoosiers in Las Vegas. Below you will find an updated order confirmation from your ticket request. All ticket requests were fulfilled and will be allocated based on the IU Athletics Priority Point Policy. We anticipate being able to confirm specific ticket prices by the end of October and will notify you via email prior to charging the card on file. As a reminder, the game ticket prices will range from $249-$49.

Event: Las Vegas Clash

Quantity: 2

Price per Ticket: TBD
All tickets for this event will be delivered electronically. Tickets will be sent to the email on file for your IU Athletics account by early December.
If you have any questions or need to reduce your order quantity, please do not hesitate to reach out to the IU Athletic Ticket Office at iuticket@indiana.edu.

Go Hoosiers!
IU Athletics Ticket Office
1001 East 17th St
Bloomington, IN 47408

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