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MVP voting - End of Season


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Game by Game MVP voting.

JaybobHoosier, Reacher and I will be conducting the polling and tracking for each game's MVP this season. And at the end of the season we'll post the top 3 vote getters for the entire season. JaybobHoosier and/or Reacher will post the poll, and I'll be tracking the results game by game, and season in total.

We're adding a little twist to the voting. We've decided to "weight" each game based on: Home, Away, & Ranked (top 25). Our reasoning is that the MVP for the KU game should be worth more than the MVP home game with Bethune. So...MVP for a home game is worth 1 point. Away games worth 2 points, and Ranked worth 3 points (home or away). I'll do the math, you just have to vote.

I'm going to track the top 2 vote getters for each game, because one player may get MVP for 10 games. But the #2 vote getter may get #2 MVP for 20 games, so for the season, he could "out score" the MVP for 10 games if we only tracked one. I'll post the results and you can determine whether or not you agree.

Anyway, that's the system for this season. Let's all have some fun with it ! First poll should be up soon.

Go Hoosiers!

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  • DWB changed the title to MVP voting for each game - 11/21 update
  • DWB changed the title to MVP voting for games - 11/26 STD update
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Season to date, to no one's surprise, TJD is the leading vote getter.  Has won 3 out of 6 games as MVP, and only played in 5 of them.

However, using the weighted average for away and ranked teams, X is not that far behind. If he had shown up in the 1st two games, he'd be pretty close to TJD.

Using just the raw vote (for those of you who don't care for the weighting system) they are as follows:

  1. TJD     101
  2. X           51
  3. Kopp     19
  4. Bates    19
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  • DWB changed the title to MVP voting for games - 11/26 YTD update
  • DWB changed the title to MVP voting - 12/24 YTD update

12/24 Season to date update on MVP voting:

Obviously TJD is still the man season to date. But going forward 2nd place is up for grabs with X being out indefinitely. And right now we have 2 guys, Kopp & Bates who are neck and neck and actually close to X with total raw votes.

Game by game weighted results:  TJD, then X, Bates, Kopp

1 winner/game only (I'm tracking at least 2/game): TJD

Total raw vote, season to date: TJD, then X, Bates

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  • DWB changed the title to MVP voting - Thru Jan

Wanted to give you guys a monthly update on the MVP voting. As you already know TJD is in the lead no matter how you look at it.

But what's interesting (or sad, depending on your point of view) is that we don't have a consistent #2. It seems to be a round robin in voting for Race, Bates, Kopp, and X. In any game, one of those guys might step up, but it's usually not the same one (based on the overall voting). And it's rarely 2 games in a row for any of them.

I suspect if X was playing, he might be the #2, but he's shown the "ability" to disappear in games as well. So we'll see how the rest of the season plays out. 

I'll do another update at the end of Feb, before March Madness starts.

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  • DWB changed the title to MVP voting - Thru B1G Reg Season

TJD by a landslide is our MVP to no one's surprise. No one was even in the same galaxy as TJD. In case you missed last night's Sr Night intro's and speeches, TJD is the only player in IU history with 2000 pts and 250 blocks. All time leader in Rebounds & Blocked Shots, 4th in scoring. (And if they count scoring in tournaments he has a very good chance to pass Don Schlunk for 3rd place)

But what is interesting is the projection of JHS. Not only has he had a couple outstanding games (esp PU) he has grown into a real threat for opposing teams. He holds a firm grip on 2nd place as MVP, followed by Kopp, Bates, and Gallo. And that my friends is impressive, considering he wasn't in the running for 5th place until near the end of Jan when he lit up OSU.

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  • DWB changed the title to MVP voting - End of Season

The short answer is nothing has changed. TJD an all American stud, was, is, and probably will be our MVP for this year, and maybe several years into the future based on voting results.

X was a solid contributor until his injury, and had a lock on a distant, 2nd place based on the voting of all of you. But since he went down, nobody has risen to the occasion to take his place. One game JHS would be good, the next is Race, the next its Trey. But there is no consistency among anyone not named TJD.

Which leads me to the question of "whose going to step up and be that guy next year"? X? Maybe. Trey? Maybe. After this season, I have my doubts if anyone will step and be "the guy" consistently.

So....the MVP voting is concluded. The results are not surprising.

See you next season. Go Hoosiers!


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I’m going to add this beaut’ for end of season MVP! I really needed it, lol. 😍Deliciously fresh, and as the label say, “Brisk & Smooth!”  😂
I just started a “new” season, my first Spring mow. Just sitting at the bar, out under my covered patio drinking a cold one. Glad to be a part of Hoosier Sports Nation! Go IU!


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