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2/17-19 @Auburn


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When: Fri 7pm Sat 3pm Sun 2pm 

Where: Auburn, AL 

TV/Radio/Statshttps://www.espn.com/watch/player/_/id/c01a9de8-0ef0-4ece-a120-a77a704c5914 TV

http://www.sidearmstats.com/auburn/baseball Stats 

https://iuhoosiers.com/showcase?Live=4085 radio 


(wish we could play Sat/Sun/Mon)

But, mostly sunny and 50 on Fri, Sat-- Partly cloudy and 55, Sun-- party cloudy and 61. 


Two of the last four years Auburn has ended it's season in Omaha. They will be the best coached team we play this season. Butch Thompson, Tim Hudson, and staff are absolutely excellent at what they do. 

They replaced some arms and Sonny Dichiara.... but, I'm sure it's much more of a reload than a rebuild. 


I would prefer Bothwell to not be our Friday night guy. I feel like he is better in a swiss army knife role, but as always, I am not the coach and I know NOTHING about a lot of these pitchers on our roster. 

Seiler, Kraft, Manase, Levy-- I think those 5 will see a lot of innings this weekend. 

My projected lineup

CF- Whalen 

SS- Glasser

RF- Jessee

3B- Pyne

LF- Mathison

DH- Ellis


1B- Taylor

2B- Goforth


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Friday's game time is 5pm, now. 

Seiler gets the Fri night start. Bothwell to start Saturdays game. I like this move, I don't Ty pitching Friday night unless he absolutely has to. Seiler has experience on Fri's, as well. 

1-2 this weekend is the goal 

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7 hours ago, bronkonagurski said:

It was 8-4 in the 8th when I pulled up the game on the ESPN app. The potential tying run was on-deck when the game ended in the 9th (runners at 1st and 3rd with 2 outs). Even just watching the bottom of the 8th I could tell the zone was tight.


Yep. Thats ok. He was very consistent. 

We did a lot of nice things. 

Bounce back game today with Bothwell on the mound. 

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7 hours ago, bronkonagurski said:

It was 8-4 in the 8th when I pulled up the game on the ESPN app. The potential tying run was on-deck when the game ended in the 9th (runners at 1st and 3rd with 2 outs). Even just watching the bottom of the 8th I could tell the zone was tight.


Today+tomorrow+next weekend are all on ESPN+ btw. 

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7 minutes ago, thirdgenhoosier said:

What did you think of the first weekend?  Earlier in the week you said goal is 1-2.  Got that.

Going to give a break down tomorrow when I get to my laptop. 

But, over the span of 27 innings, on the road, against an SEC team, that has gone to 2 of 3 CWS... we out scored them 18-16. 

More tomorrow. 

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From the start Seiler looked good. Glasser had a miss played ball at SS in the first, and that extended his inning by 8-10 pitches. Auburn scored an unearned run this inning. Cruised through the 2nd... more tough defense in the 3rd... and just drove his pitch count up... I can't remember the exact sequence... but we gave up 3 in the third, but we could have been out of the inning had we turned a very makeable double play. Anyways... the pitching was solid, the defense made Seiler and Levy, multiple times pitch 5 outs. Seiler has a NASTY slurve that falls directly down. 

Offense- meh.. not a great opening day, that was to be expected, mostly.... we were pretty patient at the plate, our timing was just off. 

Ellis blasted one to LC for a 2 run shot, but that was about it. 

8-4 Auburn 

Seiler- 2.1IP 4H 3ER 5K 4BB

Levy- 2.2IP 7H 2ER 4K 1BB

Vega- 3IP 0H 2K 2BB





Bothwell struggled. I will also mention... this was by far the tightest I've seen a college strike zone over the span of a weekend. All three days it was tight (and fair), we didn't get cheated, at all. It was very consistent... but 3 of our first 4 pitchers on the weekend were VERY close the entire time they were in. Bothwell included. 

Last season, at the beginning, we weren't even CLOSE... and imo, if the we had a normal college strike zone this weekend, we would have seen plenty of less walks... but again, the strike zone was FAIR, just not the normal, which is ok. We have to adjust.... but, it is opening weekend, and as always, we have been outside much at all. 

Anyways... Auburn threw a kid projected to be a Top 30 prospect this year. We couldn't hit him. Just not enough live reps to have any sort of a chance against a talent like that.... 

....we did have some opportunities late in the game, despite the score. We had bases loaded, twice, and only managed one run. Devin Taylor Top 100 FR and highest rated B1G recruit with his first career hit and RBI below...



Bothwell- 2.1IP 3H 2ER 1K 4BB

Ey- 2.2IP 2H 2ER 2K 2BB

Hayden- 1IP 3H 2ER 1BB

Hellman- 1IP 1K

Burton- 1IP 2BB


Sunday was the Luke Sinnard show. 6'8 RHP from Tennessee (transfer via WKU)... check his stat line out below...video of his 12-6 curve below. Ryan Kraft came in for 3 innings of relief work, and was basically as impressive. He did surrender a solo shot, but it happens. He was good though...



At the plate, Hunter Jessee 4-5 1BB 3RBI, Carter Mathison(2-5) hit a 1st inning grand slam (video below), Pyne was (3-5) with 2RBIs, as well. Ellis was the only one in the lineup that did not have a hit. 

Kraft- 3IP 3H 4K 1BB 1ER 

Manase- 1IP 1K 






Recap (overall thoughts)- the transfer pitching... Seiler, Levy, Vega, Sinnard, Hellman, Manasee, Ey, Burton-- combined 18.2IP- 18H 19K 12BB 8ER ---3.96ERA 

Is maybe the story of the year, at least early on... Those 8 were solid. 

Where do we go from here? Being the first weekend out... we were fine. Auburn is legit, and so is their coaching staff. Our guys at the plate are pretty proven and we have a lot of guys that can do good things at the plate.... But was Auburn the highlight of our year? Like is it just cool to play Auburn well or are we in this thing until the end? We absolutely have the horses to be a top 3 team in the league. 

Texas lost all three games this weekend vs. Mizzou, Arkansas, and Vandy. ... imo, 1-2 is our baseline this coming weekend again, assuming we can compete in the two we lose. 0-3 should not be an option... but if we want to elevate this program, go take 2 of 3 at Texas. 

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