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Offseason workouts


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I love the honesty of their evaluations and the approach of a data driven system in regards to improving the' explosiveness. It's one thing to tell them they are weak, but another to show them the numbers.This gives more concrete standard of measurement for their personal goals for improvement to be centered around. Player driven improvement is a great concept , but it is tricky without a clear windshield to see where they are and how far they still have to go to reach the desired level of performance..This provides that in the S&C aspect.

I think this appropriately addresses a major fundamental shortcoming that materialized out on the field and cost IU a lot in short yardage, plus lead to less long runs. Defensively they gave up a lot of long runs foe the same reason. When I read this the Michigan game immediately stuck out; Particularly the OT offensive possession where IU was repelled after starting a mere couple of yards from the goal line then ultimately forced to scramble on a desperate 4th down p[ass attempt.

Even for a team trying to find answers in the backfield, downfield blocking wasn't as consistently solid as it had been for several years. It's also good to see it isn't just an O-line and D-line focus since downfield blocking by WR's , and fighting through blocks as defenders is also critical in the run game and counter-run game. 


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