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#17th Hoosier Baseball open 124th season

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I think that I had goofed and reported rthat IU would start the Baseball season Yesterday  , Thursday  Feb 15 ,2018 @!! If I did -OOPS! They actually play 4 games in 4 days !! The first 3 in Myrtle Beach , South Carolina ( where my Stepson now lives) and the 4th. in Conway , South Carolins !! Then The Hoosiers play 3 games in a row from Friday Feb. 23 thru Sunday Feb. 25 th. THEN The hoosiers play 3 games in a row with the University of San Diego at San Diego , California !! Finally , The Hoosiers will play their Home opener on March 7 ,2018  versus Cincinnati !! IU will have 10 straight home games Starting with the Cincinnati game !! GO HOOSIERS !! Sock that old Horsehide out of the PARK !!  

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