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Romeo Langford Poll


Romeo Langford Poll Where will he Go  

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I picked Vandy but could bu KU. To my Cream & Crimson logic, Vandy doesn't make sense at all though. But who knows since I'm not the Romeo himself?

Today's date is Feb 20th. By this time, the Langfords should've already decided. They've seen it all and know it all about the 3 finalists. I really don't think there would be anything they need to see and learn more about those 3 programs. If IU is the lucky winner, there's absolutely no reason for him to delay the announcement and also to miss the chance to announce in front of the home crowd and all IU fans. It WILL be a BIG celebration and Romeo will instantly become the hometown hero. And in all accounts, I can see he's very loyal to his high school program, but he won't announce it at his high school. That just doesn't make sense to me. 



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I say Vandy unfortunately. Factoring in all the tells....seems like their camp is trying to tell us that. What a shame. If it happens...another kid that will be crossed off my list forever. He'll join the Harris, Lyles, Lyle,  Oden, Conley, Montross, McRoberts, Recker, and others tree.

I don't count Randolph because he was a punk. Nor do I count Big Dog because he was Prop 48 and Knight wasn't having that. 

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3 minutes ago, Proud2BAHoosier said:

Care to share???

His circle of influence is very small but not made of family only. Garland is not in that circle.  2 of the people that are in it are very pro IU. this is 100 percent a business decision. IU  had nothing to offer with CTC.   but our brand is in a much better place

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