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Immaculate Grid


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33 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

Here is mine for the day.  I spent more time than I should have today trying to come up with someone other than Nelson Cruz for the Mariner/Twin box.  Could not come up with anyone else.   Rarity Score of 72.






I gotta tip my hat for the Walter Johnson pick... A lot of people don't know the original Senators are now the Twins and even less know there was an MVP award (Chalmers Award) during his time...

I didn't realize the object of the game until today... I picked Harmon Killebrew for the Twins MVP... Zolio Versalles would have been a great pick in that slot too ... 

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6 hours ago, rico said:

Set a new PB this morning.  Rarity score of 11.  

Great score.  I got a 35, and 23 of that was on the Rockies line.  I struggle with all post 1969 expansion clubs.  Lee May for Reds 100 RBI was low score with 0 2%.

On phone and don't know how to post image.  Here are my squares by row

Rockies: R. Tapia, A. Galarraga, V. Castilla

Reds: L. Maile, T. Perez, L. May

Mets: J.Orosco, R. Staub, G. Carter



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Found a flaw in yesterday's grid.  Was looking at the Summary after my grid was complete and noticed they indicated Arizona had 76 hitters with a 300+ batting average.  

I thought no way they had that many in their less than 30 years of existence.  So, I pulled up the list and they had utility players and even PITCHERS on that list who were nowhere close to qualifying for a batting title.


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