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Vandy no longer full up on scholly's

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24 minutes ago, milehiiu said:

Maybe I am reading into this a bit too deeply, but doesn't the article title "Vanderbilt basketball has spot available for Romeo Langford with two players leaving" seem a bit shallow and desperate? It's almost like the blind focus on getting Romeo to Vandy overtakes respect for the players who are going elsewhere despite the time and effort they have put into the program. How about, "Vanderbilt guards to transfer" or "Vanderbilt basketball players Payton Willis and Larry Austin Jr. have been granted their release."  Jumping to the next step so soon is a bit classless. 

I have a hard time believing writers in Indiana would even consider using a title like that in an area publication.  But then again, we've won titles, we've landed big recruits before, and based on flashes of recent improvement we're trending upward considering observed performance...all in comparison to a bottom of the league train wreck  that was Vanderbilt last year.  

Let all of us in Hoosier Nation know when you anchor boys get used to being excited about an upcoming basketball season.  Geez.


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