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Michiana McDonald’s all star game tonight

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1 hour ago, hoosiertildeath said:

Damezi's Gray team lost to the Red team 120 to 113 ! However ,  Damezi led his Gray team in scoring with 22 points-including FOUR 3-pointers ! The Red team was led by Newman with 33 points  !! Go Damezi -Go HOOSIERS !!!!!!

I actually hate thes type of games except for the dunks. This is Damezi’s 3rd time playing in this game, he had 50 points in this game 2 years ago. But the players tend to get lazy in these types of games and take crazy shots. They actually split up one of Damezi’s teammates to the red team because they didn’t want 3 riley players on one team...and to be honest that Shamaar Dillard kid is going to be a high end player in a couple of years at Western Illinois.  

  now, Brandon Newman has a ceiling that looks to be reachable in 3 years, and he’s got more hustle than i anticipated and I’ve seen him 3 times now. He seemed to take this all star game a little more serious than most of the other kids including Anderson, but this is probably because this is his first one. Wherever he goes they’re getting a smart ball player.

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