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Jalen Lecque Cuts IU


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12 minutes ago, thirdgenhoosier said:

I’m going to ask a dumb question.  With the possibility of this young man reclassifying could that, maybe, be a hint that IU isn’t getting Romeo?


That’s not dumb at all and very plausible but the way our insiders here seem to be posting about it seems like a severe long shot that Romeo doesn’t commit.

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1 hour ago, INDenizen said:

Anyone know the pronunciation of the Lecque? Is it French...or a one-time French name that has been Americanized into something totally different. See Dubois and Versailles.

Only a slightly educated guess: one syllable, “LEHCK.”

Again, just a hunch. 

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30 minutes ago, zerawkid said:

Could be, I guess.

The “cq” typically indicates a hard “c” sound or a “k” sound...

Can’t wait to get an indication from closer to the source.

Like when he commits. 😜

So are you saying you have some very good information that you have? :p

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On 4/28/2018 at 8:57 AM, zerawkid said:

That would be surprising.

Even a French pronunciation wouldn’t sound like that. It’s rare that when we Anglicize something we make it sound *more* exotic.

But again, who knows?

In his highlight video after baskets they announce it. Pretty sure it sounds like Le-Q, La-Q or Lec-Q.

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