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W. Kentucky gets another 5 star


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That's two in two years. I know that the kid last year never played, but still. What logical reason would there be for a kid at this level to play for a low mid-major?

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17 minutes ago, ColtsIUDomer said:

They are the Western University of movie fame....starring Shaq, Nick Nolte, and Mr Matt Nover....Oh yea, and Penny Hardaway

Don't forget about this guy, who to this day brags about the Giant role he played in the movie.

Dan Dakich on Twitter: "Greatest actor of the 90's..behind Knights right hand..Blue Chips!!! http://t.co/uVPcAALjZO"

And to this day, still brags about shutting down, Jordan.

(14) Dan Dakich: The Day I shut down Jordan

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