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I say check out Jalen Hardy, #6 on the list, from Henderson, NV, as another SG in this class.  All he did recently in a national tournament was go for 37 and 49 points against two nationally ranked teams.  This kid is special even though he is from a place away from IU's normal recruiting area.

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Furst and Lander are the priorities in this class. 

Kaufman and Montgomery would be in the next tier for me (assuming Montgomery plays basketball). If Kaufman were to grow another 2in (He would be a legit 6'10 then, he would neck and neck with Furst). 

I expect Kaufman's ranking to move up quite a bit this spring/summer because of playing with IN Elite. 

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19 minutes ago, NotIThatLives said:

I would say he is a great teammate too.  Silver Creek was very balanced and plays a strong team concept type of ball.  Hence not scoring a ton.  

Correct... and everyone's priority was taking him away and as a SO that's difficult. I've always thought big guys numbers should be taken with a grain of salt in HS. Hard to tell at times. 

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8 minutes ago, Zeisloft and Roth said:

Is Sellersburg IU country to a larger degree than New Albany? I know they aren't far away - but Sellersburg is a little north.

Well it used to be.  With iu being down and the evil empires to the south it's pretty well divided.  Kaufman's family all grew up big IU people but iirc mom may have wound up at louisville, maybe iu southeast.  We didn't keep in contact after high school.  I fear she may have turned pro Louisville though I'm not 100%.

Edit, think she may have stayed on the sunny side of Louisville.  IUS. 

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