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Louisville Game Thread

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Just now, bluegrassIU said:

He said it in context of needing to get more guys a break and reduce foul trouble. I dint thi k ot eas meant as a "get minutes" thing.

Gotcha. I didn’t see the entire clip, was just going off the tweet. Had visions of a freshmen Jeremiah April getting first half minutes in a big several years ago and it went from close to like down 12 at the break. 

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1 minute ago, bluegrassIU said:

Fish, on radio, seems pretty confident Hunter does not play this season. He clearly said season, not year.

Also mentioned Race is dealing with a severe concussion. So maybe nothing to read into with Race, beyond health.

How did he get the concussion?...it's been at least a month,I would have thought he would be back by now

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