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Christa Sist-Morris (who ? )


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1 hour ago, Leathernecks said:

That was a cool watch.  I would definitely recommend it to people who aren't sure they want to spend 5 minutes on something.  Thanks for sharing.

Always on the search for things worthy of sharing.  Thanks.  I thought it pretty good as well.

Take care Leather.  You are one of my favs.

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I had actually heard of her before, so thanks for the share.  I had run across some info on Sist-Morris while trying to figure out who ended up taking Marni Mooney's(who I grew up going to school with in Bloomington)  old job working with IUBB players in the academic support staff after she got married and moved away.

Much respect to all of the student support services dedicated to the athletic programs and keeping the real priorities prioritized by these kids. It's a relief to see some never forget that student is the first role of a student-athlete, but all are also human beings at the end of the day. Awesome snapshot of such a crucial part of the IU Football Program. Probably a huge recruiting asset with parents (such as Penix's mother and father- for example) who want to make sure their sons are going into good hands for helping their respective futures after football.- and the way that affects the recruiting process with who the parents approve of their kids going to play for. The education and support factor is Inseparable from the process for families who place high value on their kids education.

Whether Sist-Morris gets paid well or not is beside the point .and she is likely underpaid comparatively with similar positions at other B1G schools like most of IU's faculty. Her passion for helping players succeed is obvious! They're blessed to be in such caring hands away from home, both on and off the field.

P.S. This is the first post from my new phone.See the difference? 😆

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