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Penn State Pregame Thread


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9 minutes ago, Leathernecks said:

And their defense got exposed by Minnesota.  I'm sure DeBoer will come out swinging with a good game plan.

Penn St. is legit and you better believe they will do everything in their power to expose us. I feel their main area of concern is to pressure Ramsey the entire game.....We must be prepared for that the entire game. If Ramsey can weather this, and string some successful passes together, we have a shot. Our defense needs to step up and be ready. IU has a legit shot of turning some head with this game! Go IU!!!

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I just thought you would find this interesting from a Penn St. message board 👇....Some Penn St. fans are just overlooking us and onto Ohio St. I sure hope Penn St. does over look us.....


Looking ahead to Ohio State 

  • Dwillduck
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    Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana Indiana.

    Now that we got that out of the way, I kind of like the spot we're in for the Ohio State game. If we win this week, every single one of the team's goals is on the table, but almost all of the pressure of expectations is basically gone because no one is giving them a chance to win against Ohio State. That's uncharted territory for this young team. Every week they've been the undefeated favored team--a win was expected and a loss would've been horribly disappointing. They've always had more to lose than the other team and haven't had the chance to play with a chip on their shoulder.

    Lost in the discussion of this week's game is that this team hadn't really faced true adversity yet. It's easy to forget that this was close to being a blowout or at least a 3 score game before Shannon's fumble. Our guys showed some heart and played their best when their back was against the wall. Maybe we won't see the tight/nervous/pressing team like we have in almost every game of importance for varying lengths of time besides Maryland, maybe they'll come out and play the whole dang game like their back is against the wall--because it will be!

    Or maybe we'll get blown out and choke away a game to a 2nd/3rd tier SEC team in the Outback Bowl or something. Who knows? College football is fun.

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8 minutes ago, IU Scott said:

I hope we can win this one but I don't have a good feeling about this one and a PSU win 38-17

I tend to agree with ya...but if we can just get a few "breaks" and PSU turns the ball over multiple times it could get very interesting.

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50 minutes ago, 5 championships said:

Having Penix would of gave me real hope. Just not sure if Ramsey can beat a top 25 defense. Will see! Hopefully he makes me look stupid and balls out. 

Yeah. And it doesn't help to have Cronk out.  Water under the bridge. Next man up.

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