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Name some great American inventions

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1 hour ago, mrflynn03 said:


Intermittent windshield wiper. Have ridden in my FIL's 1930 Model A and manual wipers are a pita.

And look where he's from.

Trying to stay away from the obvious ones. 


I knew about that at one time. However forgot about it.  Great contribution.

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49 minutes ago, 5fouls said:


Invented toilet paper, as we know it.


My son has told me why before the invention of toilet paper.... people wiped their  rears with their left hand.  And if they shook arms with their left arms, they would grab each other's arms above the left hand

Great addition as well 5 !

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5 hours ago, mrflynn03 said:

I very much appreciate his contribution.

Paper is much better than poison ivy leaves. 

Not to beat a dead horse. But to show the importance of this invention was the recent run on TP in this great nation of ours when the virus first broke out.

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20 minutes ago, BobSaccamanno said:

He’s really your relative?   That’s awesome.  

Yep. Had to do a family tree back in the day and traced it back somehow. Problem is my brain and science doesn't work. Never has never will. I told my science teacher about him for a project and you would think I split the atom. He was in shock....and I'm like Mr. Paulson do I get a B or not for my grade. The guy died a century and a half before my time....doesn't do a whole lot for me. Haha.

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