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Calipari flips the script

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1 hour ago, GaloisGroupe said:

Against us it was neutral sites only... against Louisville, no. 

If the season is only going to consist of conf schools, and a couple of others, Louisville (1 syllable) may be the only true "big name" they play all year.

One could argue that Auburn, TN, and LSU are big name schools, but I wouldn't put them on the same level as MSU, UVA, UK, and the other powerhouse schools. Also, all the revenue does stay "in state".

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13 hours ago, Seeking6 said:

Coach Mack released a tweet/video within the last hour. Basically calling Cal on his BS and citing reasons/explanations for the backroom shenanigans in which he operates. Hopefully Cal's voicebox Vitale will finally see the light and tell Cal he's the scared little ..$%*#&$*$ for not scheduling us. 


It's pretty funny what he said...

"I keep getting asked, 'Coach, are we playing the game? Are you scared? Are you a chicken? You won't play Kentucky?'" Mack said in a video heavy with sarcasm. "As for the UK series, here's the thing: I want to do what's most convenient for John and his program."

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