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An apple a day...


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26 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

Pre-Pandemic, I took a Granny Smith to work each day.  Did that for 15-20 years straight. It just became part of the at the office routine.   Have lapsed since working from home.

The first link that I posted, said that Red Apples boost the immunization level. I am thinking that can't hurt during this pandemic.  But... I am not a doctor. So what do I know ?

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2 hours ago, tdhoosier said:

I eat a good 3-4 a week. Love them. Honey Crisps are my favorite (the redder they are, the better), but when they're not in season I go for the Pink Ladies. 

Pink ladies are perfect amount of sweet with a hint of sour.  I planted one at my last house, then we sold and moved 5 houses north, only to watch my new neighbor not pick some nice ones off the young tree.  

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