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Virus Impacts on College Basketball


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44 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

I'm thinking discussion on disruptions to the college basketball season caused by the virus merits it's own thread.

Bethune Cookman cancels season. 

Probably will not be the last.


I thought I saw that Harvard and a couple of other Ivy League teams were not playing basketball this year.  It said it there is a possibility of the ivy league not playing this year.

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35 minutes ago, Indykev said:

No one has talked about winter sports athletes getting another year, seniors only. Meaning Joey and Al can play next season if they wish. Its being left up to each school. Means the kid at Iowa can play a 12th season.

I don't think it is just seniors but every player on the roster will get another year.  It is just like everyone this year will be red shirted.

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1 hour ago, 5fouls said:

At what point does not having a schedule become an issue?

If I had to bet I think we will only see conference games only this year.  With all the tournaments in Orlando being cancelled and today the Gavitt games being cancelled it looks like non conference games will be hard to pull off.

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