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'21-'22 National Hoops Scene


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Reading the post game thread got me to thinking, I know that is dangerous. We see the complaining and nit picking but I think that goes to the fact that a lot of us has seen great IU teams.  The thing is we forget that even our very best teams had a flaw here an d there.  the 76 team shot 67% percent from the line.  The 81 team got off to a 7-5 start and losing to Pan American.  Also that team had a player that looked like would get kicked off the team but his turn around cause the team turn around.  The 87 team did not have very much depth and only used 7 guys for most of the games.

Also when it just comes to college basketball in general I know I always compare what I see today to the past so it is what most do.  Like last night I was watching #3 Villanova and looking at their roster and how good those players are.  I was thinking if this is the third best team in the country college basketball is in trouble.  I say that because when I look back at the top ranked teams in the 80's and 90's they are so much better because the top players stayed 3 or 4 years.  Just think if kids stayed now like they did before our starting 2 would be Romeo and how much better would we be with him as a junior.

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