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Post Game (Mortem) Thread


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Is anyone really surprised?  It took us two overtime’s to beat a bad PSU team. We blew an 18 point lead against a bad Nebraska team. We had to rally in the last eight minutes to beat a mediocre Maryland team. We lost to NW at home, I don’t care that they beat MSU. We played out of our heads at Kohl and showed why we can do, but we aren’t consistent enough to do that all the time. I hate losing to Purdue, but they are a better coached team. Looking at the upcoming schedule, we had better buckle up. 

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1 minute ago, 5fouls said:

The Purdue players consistently want this game more than the IU players.  

I posted in last years Purdue game thread that I wished out players played with the mental toughness and tenacity that the Purdue players played with. For the record nothing has changed. We are mental midgets and have zero sense of urgency. 

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I'm embarrassed that I even care.  Our team apparently doesn't.  3pt shooting:  PU 11/17  IU 3/18.  13 missed free throws.  Playing like subservient b-----es.   Just another IU game with Purdue .  Another L  Purdue W in 11 of last 12 games.  WE are the little brother.  lol  bye

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