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Rutgers Postgame Thread


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With the exception of about 12 minutes it seems our guys read more social media about how great they were over the last 40 hours. So disappointing. Players. Staff. Kudos to Rutgers...they hit some phenomenal shots.

You just can't lose at home to Northwestern, Rutgers, Purdue....enjoy the next 9 days guys. Had a perfect chance to get to 5-4 and now uphill the rest of the way.

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If Miller is fired, these types of games will ultimately be his undoing.  I don't know what his record is against the mid to bottome of the BIG, but I know we are now 1-4 against Rutgers over our last 5.  "But, but...they are a tough team.."  I don't give a shhh how tough they are.  Miller's teams show every year that he has been here that they have the ability to play better.  They showed it earlier this week.  Then they come out and just act lackadaisical like they did to start this game and they end up dropping games they ABSOLUTELY should win.

Tired of this, year after year.

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TJD is damn far from an NBA player. He could leave and work hard for a couple years in the D-League, but there’s a lot he just can’t do out there. 

I think Archie is a good coach. I like the guy and think there’s been some real slow, improvement during his tenure.
But if IU somehow decides to move on after this year...there better be someone proven ready to step in. 

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Absolutely pathetic loss. We lost to an inferior team because they wanted it more than us.

They beat us to key rebounds, we missed bunnies, we got lost on defense, we had sloppy turnovers. This was a really important game and it was like they just didn't care. So frustrating. 

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