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Podcast shoutout

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I'm a dork about all types of podcasts. They're just great to listen to while driving or to relax to before going to bed. I get a ton of IU news from the Peeg's podcast, Podcast on the Brink (with Bozich from ITH) and after after the games I listen to Assembly Call. 

But I just wanted to recommend a new one for all you podcast listeners. Albers and Bielfeldt teamed up on a podcast called Earn Your (Candy) Stripes and it really is great. I like listening to Bielfeldt's perspective as a former player and he's great with interviews. Of the current and former players Max interviews, he knows them personally and they seem more at ease than your standard interview because it's kinda of like listening in on a conversation between 2 friends. 

I dove into all 9 or 10 episodes last week; and learned some funny stuff:

-Archie told Matt Roth at a golf outing earlier this year that as an OSU assistant Matta cursed him out the entire bus ride home to Columbus after he missed Roth on the scouting report. (Roth went 9-11 from 3 that game)
-OG always messes with Thomas Bryant by throwing his shoes all over his apartment every time he visits him. (The Thomas Bryant interview was great)
-When Max asked Juwan Morgan if OG throws his shoes Morgan responded 'no, I'll beat him up if he does that'. haha. 
-Juwan said that when the do the red/white scrimmages in practice NOBODY wants to play on the team opposite from McRoberts because he always plays so hard. 
-And just in general, Max really gets into what it was like playing for Crean and Beilein, tells stories from his playing days, and breaks down some X's and O's. 

On a side note, If anybody can recommend any IU related podcasts that weren't mentioned above, please do so. 



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17 minutes ago, KoB2011 said:

Seems like a great pod!  The only IU specific pod I listen to is Podcast on the Brink, but One Shining Podcast is a good college hoops podcast if you're looking for something more general.  I listen to a few NBA podcasts too. 

Thanks. I've listened to a One Shining Pod a couple of times....when it relates to the Big Ten. 

Also dig POTB, and I blame/credit Jerod Morris for all +/- stats I give on here. 

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