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IUWBB NCAA Tournament

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Our first game is against Wright State.

A brief look at their roster and stats. They have some height with a 6’4” center and great depth. 10 guys play 10 or more minutes. Scoring is not as balanced with only one player in double figures.

They do not shoot the 3 well. Only there leading scorer at 35%.

I have not seen any comments from the girls or Moren. I joined twitter to try and post some of their tweets (like snowling used to) but I am not sure I know how to do that.

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Error on first post. I must have seen a speculation bracket.

We have won 2 games with dominance. Now we have a more than huge test. NC State has height, shooters, upper classmen, and experience of a tough league. 
We will have to play our best game.

Rooting for you

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Tonight at 9 eastern! Good luck.

They have McDonald scoring almost 20 a game. Listed as a guard. I suspect that Nicole guards her, she is great to watch play defense.

We have not shot threes at a good level all year, our game is driving like we did against NC State (22-2 at the time we played them). That gave us a 14 point advantage.

We will need to hit FTs better than last game. 
KB is a true freshman playing on a hip that is planned for off season surgery. Tough kid and she is our first sub to give Mac a rest.

Good luck ladies.


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Tough ending. I thought Arizona played well and deserved to win. We were 0-9 for 3s and they were 9-21. 
Tough way to end the season but still a great year. Congrats. Relax for awhile and then start your off season work outs.

Good luck and cant wait til next year.

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