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It’s time....consider Porter Moser

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I listened to an interview with him this week. He said that one of the primary things he looks for in recruiting is kids who have won championships, kids who know how hard they have to play, how tough they have to be, to win it all.

 I thought to myself that this sounds good, but the water he’s fishing in is different than a Power 5 coach. I don’t know if that translates to recruiting for the highest level of players 

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14 minutes ago, BobSaccamanno said:

Hard pass. No more Archie’s. 

That's the problem.  He could very well be a perfect fit here, or at least a significant upgrade, but there's too much "deja vu" to it.  I'd support him and hope for the best but I'm sure I'd be ready to move on (yet again) if we didn't see significant improvement after 1 or 2 seasons - again, been there done that.

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1 minute ago, 13th&Jackson said:

That would be a natural. Both Jesuit colleges, but a step up.

Good point. DePaul has a lot of untapped potential.  I remember well when they got a lot of top Chicago kids like Mark Aguirre and Terry Cummings.  They have the potential to be a highly competitive city school along the lines of Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis, etc.  I believe they have their own arena now.  

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I can't say I ever knew enough about Archie's Dayton teams to know how they succeeded, but LC is having a slow big man use footwork and fakes to make Cockburn look silly, they have a short, slow guard get screens and use his body to get Dosunmu in the air and they have bunch of undersized guys swarming the ball and making everything tough for Illinois. Those are all things that suggest a well coached team where players develop over time. Worth considering if the big names don't work out.

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