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34 minutes ago, HoosierFaithful said:

We'd like to build a bit of a reserve - once we feel like we have, we'll shut it off.  Sincere appreciation to all thus far.

I should have PMed... are we on our way having a reserve. I donated.. didn't know if I needed to do send some more. 

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18 minutes ago, mrflynn03 said:

Just donated a Lincoln.  Plan on continuing with future donations.  I deliver my #2's on company time so each trip I earn $5. Least I can do is contribute.

Thank you!  That’s what we need brother. Let’s hope others will do the same. We have this forum to have fun. Each month it costs money but not much. Let’s support ourselves and friends to be able to enjoy IU sports together!

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2 hours ago, NaplesHoosier said:

You can be what you want!  😉. Thanks for helping each month. It’s just not right one person has to do everything to keep the site going ya know?  We have a blast here talking IU stuff. 

Pump your numbers up. Hang around more. 



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