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4/16-4/18 @Northwestern 3 games series


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Weather calling for 48-50 degree temps. 30% chance of rain on Sunday. Northwestern has some serious power, so maybe the cold weather will help us? I have no idea. 

I think high pitch counts is going to be an X factor this weekend. I am not sure how deep NWs pitching staff is.. run the starter out early and wait for mistakes by the relief pitchers. 

Also.. wouldn't surprise me at all if we switch our Friday and Sunday guys around. Sommer hasn't been overly sharp in his last two starts and Bierman was awesome in his start against OSU. We need to look sharp this weekend and dominate. 3-0.. get up early and play well. 


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Appears NW's Friday night pitcher is by far their best starter (numbers wise). 2.3ERA with a low WHIP. 45 degrees throughout the game today. 45 tomorrow and 55 on Sunday. Clear skies. 

I didn't go into it much last weekend, but I will today... I hope we see more and more of Tank Espalin. FR SS from California. It's evident the kid can play. He was nationally ranked... he made some dandy plays at SS on Saturday night, and made the last two outs by himself that evening on an excellent double play. He also had an 11 or 12 pitch AB where he drew a walk. 

I don't see how Houston deserves playing time at SS at this point. Outside of pinch running and playing defense in the 9th or something, I don't see it. Macciochi probably deserves some time... hitting .240 2HR 5 RBIs, but his OBP isn't very high .310. Tank needs to play well this weekend solidify himself in the starting 9. 

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