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Bobby "Slick" Leonard passed away

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Came across this re the winning FT in 53...

"Legendary coach Branch McCracken, who was an All-American player at Indiana in 1930 and coached the Hoosiers to the 1940 national title as well, said he wasn't worried about Leonard knocking down the shot, because he had "ice water in his veins.''

When told of his coach's comments afterward, Leonard had a different take on the pressure-packed moment.

“It sure felt warm running down my leg.” Leonard said."

Classic Slick...

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8 minutes ago, Billingsley99 said:

Does anyone know what happened? Did someone break the story before Nancy was notified? That's what I am gathering.  If so that is sickening. 

Not sure about that. I saw a tweet at first but couldn't find a story to confirm. After 30 minutes or so I saw the article and other tweets about it.

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RIP to a legend.

I find myself thinking about how awesome this sport is. Leonard (and so, so, so many more) were able to have such an incredible life by loving and respecting the game of basketball. The experiences, the relationships, the spectacle of it all... you could tell how much he loved everything about it.

I hope all those fortunate enough to wear an Indiana jersey appreciate how special that is, and make the most out of the opportunities that come their way.

Man I love this game.

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