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Miller Kopp to IU

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36% from three for his career.  Tremendous free throw shooter too.  It’s going to be so refreshing to hopefully not self destruct with inept free throw shooting.  

2.9 boards per game for his career.  At 6’7, he can work on getting that number up a bit.  

He always impressed me when we played against him. 

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Just now, KDB said:

Stretch 4 is exactly what we needed.

Didn’t have a great year last year, but the guy averaged 13ppg and shot 39% from 3 the year before. He can play.

Love it. We have a chance to be pretty good. Roster has lots of talent.

I can just imagine the type of sets and just action being ran to get him open looks. TJD is going to benefit so much from our last 3 additions. 

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So far it's difficult to point to a single failure from the new coaching staff.  It's pretty rearkable IMO.

Woodson and his assistants have definitely hit the ground running!  It seemed Archie was never able to quickly close the deal with recruits - even the ones who came.  It was almost like we were rarely their first choice.  I believe it all comes down to trust, vision and personality of the head coach.

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4 minutes ago, Madison22 said:

Love this commit!

Coach Woodson is showing he knows how to build a roster.

And the age of Archie-ball is over.

I expect very good-shooting Indiana teams in the future.

Great thoughts!  You’re right, the way Woody has constructed the roster has been tremendous. He looked at our weaknesses and attacked them rather than put us on a four year plan and sell us on being patient.

Look at the veterans on the perimeter next year.  We will be looking at seniors who have been around in XP, Stewart, and Kopp.  Lot of good, competent experience.  

Woody’s approach is obviously resonating with “recruits.”   

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